LOCAL 5067

Jackson Hole Professional Firefighters

Jackson Hole Professional Firefighters, Local 5067, works to influence legislation and fire/EMS management decisions that directly impacts the jobs, economic security and safety of members.  Our focus starts locally with challenges our members face daily in the Jackson Hole area. It extends outward from there, however.

Our union members understand  the value of strong labor representation at state, national, and international levels. We understand that we're part of a larger group that must work tirelessly to support firefighters across the world.

We know the gains of labor are gradual and rest on cooperation, mutual respect, and persuasive arguments. Firefighters, elected officials, fire department management, and the general public must all combine efforts to guarantee a safe, wage-equitable work environment for firefighters that protect the community, often at considerable risk and sometimes at the cost of life and limb. 

But the gains of labor also demand aggressive action. Sometimes, labor must take inequity to task because it is the right thing to do for its members and, ultimately, for the worker at large.

We invite you to join our cause and to support Jackson Hole's Professional Firefighters.​​